PierTrucker.com is closed. Come back in a few months

Dear truckers, the PierTrucker.com website is closed. Unfortunately, the verbal permission we had is revoked and we are now unable to access terminal's webcams and other useful information.

You can help us get it back. Please contact your terminals (or port authority for East Coast) and ask them to give us written permission to access images (gate cams) and other terminal information. Terminals (or port authority) can email us at info@piertrucker.com and an example of a permission letter is provided below.

In any turn of event, please come back in a few months. We are planning to build a new solution for port drivers and drayage companies’ dispatches.

Truly yours,
Pier Trucker team
Our Facebook page in Los Angeles: http://www.facebook.com/piertruckerla
Our Facebook page in Seattle: http://www.facebook.com/PierTruckerSea



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