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"I’m totally in love with the Pier Trucker website. My goodness it’s come along way... My drivers love it...", Annette D. Winkles, Recruiting Manager, Knight Transportation Inc.

"Pier Trucker allows us to show customers a picture and proof of terminal conditions, especially when terminal lines are backed up. Terminal camera’s are definitely a tool we use everyday, they also helps us dispatch drivers and improve cargo flow whenever possible." Carmelo Castiglione, Import/Export Dispatch, Pierpoint Trans Line, Inc. - Carson, CA

"Just wanted to say thanks for your website... I use it everyday - it's the first website I open, and it stays open all day... Thank you", Rick Ferguson, Terminal Manager, Western Ports Transportation Inc.

"Thank you for the wonderful and informative website... It is my daily tool all day long.", Amy McMinn, Operations Manager, ACT Inc.

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