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Pier Trucker serves 17,000 port drivers and firms since 2009

Truck Turn Times

Gateway2 hrs24 hours7 days30 days90 days
LA/LB 1hr 10m (±10m)1hr 25m (±5m)1hr 25m (±1m)1hr 25m (±1m)1hr 30m (±0m)
Seattle/Tacoma 45m (±60m)1hr 30m (±5m)1hr 35m (±5m)1hr 40m (±1m)1hr 45m (±1m)
Oakland 1hr 10m (±75m)1hr 25m (±10m)1hr 30m (±5m)1hr 40m (±2m)1hr 45m (±1m)
NY/NJ 1hr 25m (±10m)1hr 25m (±5m)1hr 40m (±2m)1hr 40m (±1m)
time rounded to the nearest 5 mins

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